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About Cindy and the Dolloway Dancers

Cindy Watts 

Owner and Founder


Cindy & Michelle

Michelle Bunce joined Dolloway Dancers as a parent bringing her daughter  Aimee to class and became qualified as a dance teacher after dancing most of her life .Michelle also qualified as a teacher with the Idta. She works  alongside Cindy to support the dance school.

The rest of our Team



Jessica Moore started dancing with us age 6 she is now 18 and now helps in classes encouraging the children. Jessica has had her own struggles and understands how dance has helped her and helps build confidence in the Children as well as dances in her teen dance group.



Aimee is Michelle's daughter she started with us age 6 and is now 18 ,Aimee was very shy and dance has built her confidence, she is also part of the teen dance group and helps the children in classes.



Deborah has beenCindy's best friends since school. She came on board as head of Health & Safety.



Mayzie Watts  is Cindy's  daughter who has now come on board to help teach classes. Mayzie uses dance to help her anxiety..



Our aim is to improve fitness, co-ordination, social skills and self confidence, in all ages, through dance. We beleive that everyone should be given the chance to dance no matter what their ability, size, shape, age, race or religion and we encourage everyone to have a go and if they feel ready they can also join in display events gaining more confidence as they grow.

We are a no pressure dance club providing a wide range of public dance classes and workshops for leisure centres and schools. Parents are permitted to stay if they wish to during class. We also teach private classes if you prefer and you can join straight away. Some children do not enjoy sport but by dancing they gain valuable exercise AND have fun whilst doing it!


Dancing is something ANYONE can do - so why not come along to one of our classes today?

We can also be hired for childrens parties and displays.


We have yearly shows and can be seen at many events , we also have yearly IDTA exam sessions for those that would like to have a go .

We are linked to Phoenix Bereavment support charity and offer FREE classes to any child that is linked to a charity because they have lost a family member, dance can help improve their confidence , improve social skills and give them a goal to acheive helping them to re build their lives.

Our Aim

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